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TECNOPOLIS, engineering company from Bologna, is specialized in the design of management, commercial, industrial and logistics facilities.

FICO Convention Center


New FICO Eataly World Convention Center

The Convention Center, the only building made ex-novo within the building complex FICO Eataly World, is structured on a square floor plan with a side of 36 meters for a room surface of 950 sqm and can host up to 850 spectators.

Two compactable movable walls allow the room to be separated longitudinally into two or three distinct spaces of different sizes and usable simultaneously.

The removable seats allow to optimize the capacity of the rooms; the hall can be freed and equipped for events such as tastings or temporary exhibitions thanks to the flat floor.


Tecnopolis held the position of the final and executive architectural and structural designer and work supervisor for architecturale and structural works electrical/thermotechnical system, assistance to architectural work supervisor.


Client: Prelios sgr
Project started in: 2015
End of works: 2017
Total area: sqm 1.560