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TECNOPOLIS, engineering company from Bologna, is specialized in the design of management, commercial, industrial and logistics facilities.

CAMST logistic center

Bentivoglio (Bologna)

New CAMST logistic center

The new CAMST logistics center, a leading company in the catering sector, is divided into three macro areas:

  • preservation of fresh and frozen products (6.670 sqm, 64.820 cubic meters, 6.000 pallet places);
  • service activities (battery recharging, storage and washing of thermal containers and box, detergent room);
  • storage and handling of non-perishable products (13.100 sqm, 151.600 cubic meters, 13.000 pallet spaces).

Tecnopolis held the position of the whole cold area executive designer, including the connected building upgrades, and the photovoltaic plant on the roof, capable of producing 655.000 Kw/ year.

Client: Camst-La Ristorazione Italiana Soc. Coop. a r.l.
Project started in: 2008
End of works: 2010
Total area: sqm 25.000