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TECNOPOLIS, engineering company from Bologna, is specialized in the design of management, commercial, industrial and logistics facilities.

Arcoveggio Hippodrome


Arcoveggio Hippodrome restoration

The Arcoveggio Hippodrome, inaugurated in 1932, is the historic Hippodrome of the city.

The purpose of the restoration were the aesthetic recovery of historic core, bleachers and parterre, and the extension of spaces such as the control room and the last level of the terrace which, through the construction of 6 steel and glass terraces, enclosed by a large sliding glass door can be used in winter. Even external spaces and the walking routes have been extended towards the stables so as to get closer to the spectators to the horses and to the various stages of race preparation.

Client: Società Cesenate Corse al Trotto S.p.A.
Project started in: 2003
End of works: 2004