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TECNOPOLIS, engineering company from Bologna, is specialized in the design of management, commercial, industrial and logistics facilities.

Navile Retail Park


New Navile Retail Park

The new Navile Retail Park includes medium and large retail areas, for a total area of ​​95.000 sqm.

The park has been structured to give to each of the commercial activities an independent and distinct access, one on the back for the supply of goods, the other on the main front and protected by an open gallery, for the public.

The building is on two floors: in the basement level are located the garage and public toilets and is connected to the external square by vehicle ramps, stairs and elevators; on the ground floor it develops the shopping area.

Client: Marc Seven S.r.l.
Project started in: 2001
End of works: 2003
Total area: sqm 95.000