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TECNOPOLIS, engineering company from Bologna, is specialized in the design of management, commercial, industrial and logistics facilities.

Unicoop Tirreno Superstore

Orbetello (Grosseto)

New Unicoop Tirreno Superstore

The new Unicoop Tirreno Superstore, for a total area of ​​3.265 sqm, is located in an area of ​​10.000 sqm and is part of a process of functional and morphological redevelopment of the “Compartment of Orbetello Neghelli”, which it provides for urban restructuring, new residential and commercial building, construction of roads, parking lots, squares, gardens, trees and cycle paths.

The Laguna front, characterized by the entrance gallery with an 18 mt high terminal element that houses a bird-watching tower, is characterized by a covering in wooden slats; all the other facades are covered in laminated wood panels with underlying metal structure.

Between the building and the lagoon there is large parking area for customers, whose visual impact from the bank is mitigated by a tree-lined artificial dune.


Tecnopolis held the position of the architectural and structural executive designer and work supervisor.

Client: Unicoop Tirreno S.C.a.r.l.
Project started in: 2010
End of works: 2012
Total area: sqm 3.265